Amplify your social media efforts while using the tools you love.

Post how you want, reuse what you like.

is it evergreen?

Doing major changes to your social media habits is hard.

Tweet lifetime today is 18 minutes. Not everybody visits Facebook every day. The best way to make sure people actually see your message is to use a tool that repeats your updates. That's what most professionals do. So you bought an automation tool, but stopped feeding it after a couple of weeks and now it annoys your followers by repeating those same old updates over and over.

Who has time to add updates to the library... and manually set categories to updates... and schedule updates for new content one by one.
Where's the automation in these automation tools?

Don't turn your life around. Just add a single 2-minute habit:

Once a week, browse though your most loved and shared updates. Save the evergreen ones.

Repeat Responsibly

Build a never-ending social media queue that repeats your best updates on a schedule that does not annoy your followers.

Best Visibility for New Content

Automatically distribute your new content on a professional schedule.
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Use Your Favorite Tools

Henry reads the updates from your media streams. You can continue posting with the tools you love.

How does it work?

Social Henry is a social media automation tool and it does all the automation jazz.

It repeats your old updates. You can schedule social media updates with it. It posts links to your new content and repeats them on a special schedule.

You can add content to the tool directly if you want to. Or you can have it read your blog's RSS stream.

What's unique and special is that you don't have to abandon your old tools. Henry reads your social media streams and analyzes all the updates you post. Once a week it asks you if any of your best updates could be saved to library and used again.


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Distributor: Make sure your new content gets noticed

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